Supplier Cluster Russia

The Company

  • Family business
  • 2,300 people
  • 400 million € turnover (17/18)
  • 14 locations in seven countries in Europe
  • 1 Joint Venture in India
  • Cooperations in the U.S., Brazil, Japan and China



Fritzmeier Group

Fritzmeier: A partner to the off- and on-highway industry.

Whether for complete cabs, plastic modules, metal working or environmental technology, the Fritzmeier Group with its 2300 employees worldwide offers over 9000 customer-specific products, as well as comprehensive development and production services for manufacturers of off- and on-highway vehicles. This extensive portfolio is made possible by our structure with its four divisions:

  • CABS: All about cabs
  • COMPOSITE: All about synthetics
  • TECHNOLOGY: All about metalworking
  • ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY: All about sustainability

From development to final delivery, we do everything in-house. With our long experience and deep market knowledge, we are an established partner for our customers, whose products we help make safer, better performing and more economical.

In order to stay abreast of steadily rising demands, the Fritzmeier Group invests several million euros each year. This makes it possible to reduce design times, speed up tooling, and boost process quality across all of our 15 locations in eight countries.



Фритц Шадек (Fritz Schadeck)[E-Mail]